Change the preloader

In order to change the theme's preloader, you need to follow these two easy steps:

1. Create a new preloade

You can do it on this site: or use your own already created preloader. You have two different sizes for your chosen preloader: one at 24x24 and one at 48x48 (which will be used for retina devices). Don't forget to set the background color to white in order for the preloader to look well against the white background which the theme has for preloaders. 

Look at the screenshot below in order to understand the steps required to create a preloader on the mentioned site:

When you have your two preloaders, rename them into:

  • img_preloader.gif (the 24x24 one)
  • img_preloader-x2.gif (the 48x48 one)

2. Upload the preloader

You then have to upload these two files into the theme's assets folder. You need to go to Themes > Edit HTML/CSS, open the Assets folder, delete the two preloaders (old files), then upload the new ones. 

If these two steps were correctly done, you should see a new preloader after refresh.