Starting with the customizer

The theme customizer provides a lot of options in order to brand and customize your website after your own needs. In this article we'll explore what each option do, in order for you to get the best idea about how everything works.

In order to open the theme customizer from your Shopify admin you need to go to  Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme.

Static Sections

This theme is based on "sections", so that each page features various sections, with their own options.

There are two static sections present on every page of your website - these don't change based on where you are.


In the sidebar section you can choose an image logo for your site, set up the navigation menus and also play with the footer.


You can upload a custom image logo for your store here. An important step is to also put the desired width here. Make sure that you don't exceed 250px with your logo's width. Also, make sure that you upload a larger logo than the total size (to make sure that it'll look sharp on retina devices). So if you want a 150px logo let's say, the logo that you upload needs to have 300px.


Set primary & secondary navigation menus here. You also have the option to choose whether you want to display or hide the popup link in sidebar.


Choose the footer navigation and also toggle the payment icons (these appear as you enable various payment methods from Shopify).


Our theme features a simple popup newsletter which allows merchants to put in their email address and subscribe to your newsletter. Users who enter their address here, will appear in your Shopify dashboard, under Customers > Accepts Marketing tab.

There are a few options here, like changing the text, setting a background image (suggested size is 1320 x 240px - but remember that it will be cropped on lower resolutions, so don't use it to display any text!).

You can also control how fast the popup becomes visible to a user - please remember that users will only view this for the first time they visit your website from a given browser. If they clear their cookies or visit from a different browser, they will see the popup again.

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