Add collection pagination above the products grid

If you need to add the pagination on the top of the collection page, please go to  Edit HTML/CSS and add this code in sections/collection.liquid file in line 58-65:

{% assign per = section.settings.collection_pages | times: 1 %}
{% paginate collection.products by per %}
	{% if paginate.pages > 1 %}
		<div class="infobar bottom">{% include 'main_pagination' %}</div>
	{% endif %}
{% endpaginate %}

For older theme versions (prior the 2.0.0 update), please open the templates/collection.liquid file instead and right at the top of the file, before anything else, add the following line:

<div>{% include 'main_pagination' %}</div>

After you save the changes you'll have the pagination also above the products grid.