Homepage sections

On the homepage, you have a static section (for the slideshow), then you have total freedom to put as many sections as you wish with your own content below it. 


You have some simple settings for transition type and autoplay, then you have the option to add slides. Slide options:

  • Image - We suggest you to upload images that are 1920 x 1040px.. Make sure that you only upload optimized jpg files (we suggest 90% optimization to make sure that your site will load fast).
  • Video - In case you want a video background for browsers that support video autoplay, you can put a path to an mp4 file here. You can upload a file up to 20mb in your Shopify dashboard, via Settings > Files > Upload files, then get the URL and put it here. You also need to upload a fallback image, which will be shown on mobile devices.
  • Text labels - You have four different boxes for text, each one style in a different way.
  • Link url - This url offers you many options, like:
    • If you write something for "button text", this link will be the link of the button.
    • If instead of a link to a page or something on your site, you put a Vimeo / YouTube link, when users will press the button, they will get a popup which loads the video.
    • If you don't write anything for "button text", then the link will be inherited by the image, so when users will press the entire image, they will be taken to the url.
  • Style - The text color and labels position are pretty straightforward options which allow you to further style each slide.

The slideshow is optional, so if you remove all slides from the slideshow, it will completely disappear from the homepage, leaving you only with the rest of the content you create for this page.

Blog posts

A pretty simple section, it allows you to pull up to three or four posts from a chosen blog. You can change the number of columns (which will also change the total number of items which appear in the section), and play with other design details.

Collection list

This section allows you to show a list of collections that you choose. You can play with various style options, such as borders, caption style and colors. You can also choose the image size, but please note that this theme has a creative resizing algorithm which makes sure that your screen is full with thumbnails all the time by constantly resizing them and changing the columns number (so you might not see this change from the start).

Featured collection

Similar to the section above, but here you choose a collection from which you want to feature a given number of products. You have the same options for thumbnail style, but more caption / animation styles.

This section offers you the possibility to set some fonts. You can set the general typography (font families) and also play a bit with the home page slideshow typography (font family, style and base size). The font list is curated from Google Fonts, but you can also use your own custom fonts with a bit of customization.   Here's an article that we wrote on the subject, but please note that we do not offer assistance in doing these customizations.


A simple image gallery, allowing you to place and arrange various images on the homepage. Each image can also have a link.

Rich text

Another simple section, which allows you to insert some simple text or the content of an entire page on the homepage.

These are the homepage sections. You can use each one of them as many times as you wish and also reorder them in the page. The only static thing is the slideshow, which if present, will always be at the top of your website, and will always be fullscreen
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