Product pages

When you open a product page from within the customizer, you will see the product page section.

The product page has a lot of options that you can tweak and modify. 

The first set has to do with how the text content appears, by toggling various fields on and off. 

The second set is related to the product gallery, and it has the following options:

  • Images size - you can choose to have images that fill the screen, giving you a fullscreen gallery, or have them fit the screen. When you choose the filling option, images will always crop in a way, depending on the user's screen size. This option is best if you upload square images and don't care if some parts of them are being cut off. If on the contrary, you have portrait images and you want every inch to be visible, choose the normal size.
  • Show featured image - this is another important setting, which enables you to completely hide the featured image from the product gallery. It is only useful if you want to have dedicated product thumbnails that wouldn't make sense in the product gallery. Make sure that you have this enabled if you're using variants and the featured image is an image from a variant.
  • Slideshow options - you can then choose the transition types, autoplay settings and product gallery background.
  • Enable image zoom - this setting puts a zoom button in the bottom right corner of the gallery, allowing users to zoom in each slide in order to see more details.
Recommended images size

For products gallery images, we recommend square images that are as large as possible. The theme has smart resizing algorithms, so each user will see the appropriate image for his device, unless you enable image zoom, case in which images will always be shown at their full resolution.

Our recommendation goes out for 1920x1920px for product gallery images.
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