General settings

After playing with all sections you can also play with the general settings of the theme, which mostly control the overall style of your website.


Under this tab you have the entire color scheme of your website. All colors are properly labeled and grouped together, so it should be easy for you to create a unique color scheme which will make your website stand out of the crowd.


Here you have the entire typography, both general settings and slideshow settings (which are a bit more elaborated). This is a smart selection of Google & System Fonts. As a general rule, try to not load a great deal of unique fonts on your website - 2 is the best, or maximum 3.


Allows you to give your website a unique little browser icon.

Cart type

Here you can choose if the cart should be modal (a popup appears when users press the "add to cart" button, allowing them to choose their next step), or a page (when the "add to cart" button is pressed, the user is redirected to the cart page directly).

Social media

This is a place for you to enter links to your social profiles on various platforms. Little icons will appear in the footer based on what you write here.


The checkout page is totally controlled by Shopify and it doesn't have the style of the theme. Anyway, you do have some options for brand images, typography and colors.

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