Starting with the customizer

If you have version 3.0.x, please watch the following video
Some of the information below is for legacy (Split 2.x version) and doesn't apply to version 3.x

Split's customizer provides a lot of options in order to brand and customize your website after your own needs. In this article we'll explore what each option do, in order for you to get the best idea about how everything works.

Follow these steps to open the theme customizer (editor):

  1. Log into your Shopify dashboard.
  2. Click the Online Store link.
  3. From the theme view, hit the Customize theme button (top right corner).
  4. You will be brought to your homepage and you will see all static sections, along the homepage's sections.
  5. When trying to access inner page's sections, simply navigate from within the editor and you'll see the settings for other pages.

Static Sections

There are three static sections present on every page of your website. These are the header, the footer and the popup.

Customizing the header

The header contains your store's logo, the menu and some buttons for the shopping cart and search functionality.

  1. Click the Header tab from the theme editor.
  2. Upload your own logo in the Logo image field. We recommend logos that don't exceed 130 x 40px.. 
  3. In the Custom logo width, write the desired logo's width.
    Make sure that you upload a larger logo than the total size (to make sure that it'll look sharp on retina devices). Ex: If you want a 100px logo, the logo image that you upload needs to have 200px and you will write 100 in the logo width field.
  4. If you don't want to use an image logo you can just click Remove and your store's name will appear instead.
  5. From the Menu list, select the menu that you want to have in your header. Read this article on how to create menus.
  6. From the Desktop menu style, chose whether you want a Classic design (menu links inside the header), or go for a Minimal approach (show just a button which opens the navigation inside a Sidebar. This is default for mobile devices.
  7. The theme also offers a special area for showcasing Collections.. For this purpose, check out the Content area.. Hit the Add collection button to add your collections in the menu.
  8. To tweak the cart icon's behavior or configure your social links (which appear in the sidebar menu), click General Settings.
  9. From the Cart type list, choose whether you want the cart button to act as a link to the cart's page, or if you wish to open the cart sidebar.
  10. If you want to enable the cart notes field, then check Enable cart notes.

Promotional banner

This option also includes custom content for 5 different pages and it will display as a popup window when the page is loaded for the first time. 

Customizing the footer

The footer allows you to use up to four different blocks with various content.

  1. Click the Footer tab from the theme editor.
  2. Click the Add content button to add your desired blocks. These will be arranged in one or two columns, based on their number. Some blocks can only be used once.

Adding some contact information

  1. Choose Contact information after pressing the Add content button.
  2. Write a Heading.
  3. Write the actual Information (can be anything like a short address, telephone number or email address).
  4. Write an Information link (useful for direct email or telephone links).
    Example of an email link: Example of a telephone link: tel: 999999999
  5. Write a Caption (optional).

Adding a menu

  1. Choose Menu after pressing the Add content button.
  2. Write a Heading.
  3. From the Menu list, select the menu that you want to have in your header
  4. Write a Caption (optional).

Adding icon links to your social profiles

  1. Choose Social links after pressing the Add content button.
  2. Write a Heading.
  3. Write a Caption (optional).
  4. To edit the links that appear, click General settings.
  5. You can add a link in each one of the fields that appear there.

Adding a newsletter form

  1. Choose Newsletter after pressing the Add content button.
  2. Write a Heading.
  3. Write a Caption (optional).
  4. The newsletter form allows customers to subscribe to your Shopify store. All subscribers will be found in your Shopify dashboard, under the Customers tab. 

Adding icons for the supported payment methods

  1. Choose Supported payment methods after pressing the Add content button.
  2. Write a Heading.
  3. Write a Caption (optional).
  4. Your store's supported payment methods will appear here.

Customizing the popup

Split features a complex popup which allows you to display a newsletter signup form or various promotions. Follow these steps to configure it:

  1. Click the Popup tab from the theme editor.
  2. From the Show popup list, choose how fast you want the popup to appear, after the visitor enters your website.
  3. From the Popup frequency list, choose how often you want the popup to be shown to your visitors. 
  4. Write a Title and some Content. These are completely optional, so if you don't write anything, only the image will be shown.
  5. If you also want to show the newsletter form, then check Show newsletter.
  6. In the Image field, upload a 720 x 900px image. This is also optional, so if you don't upload any image, you will just remain with the text side of the popup.
  7. Paste a link in the Image link field, if you want the image to link to a certain product or collection (useful for image promotions).

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