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If you have version 3.0.x, please watch the following video
Some of the information below is for legacy (Split 2.x version) and doesn't apply to version 3.x

For your collection pages, Split lets you change the filtering options and style your product thumbnails.

To tweak the layout of your collection pages:

  1. Navigate to a collection page in the theme editor.
  2. Click the Sections tab.
  3. Click Collection page.
  4. If you want to display the filtering menu, then check Show filtering options.
  5. From the Filtering type list, choose whether you want the filtering to be done by tags (classic), or by groups (advanced, requires further tweaks).
    Filtering by groups is an advanced method of filtering Shopify products and we've explained the process here
  6. Please select the number of products per page that you want to display (between 11 and 47).
  7. The new Collection Gallery is an option enabled by default that allows you to add a gallery of image before the products grid as in this example. Please see this article for more info about this feature that is also available for the product pages. 
  8. Also a new option starting with theme version 2.0 is the Collection navigation. Here you can enable it to display a link to next collection.

To tweak the product's design, click Theme Settings.

  1. From the Desktop animation style list, choose one thumbnail style.
    It will only be in effect for desktops, where a mouse exists. For touch devices the design will always be the same, with the name of the product always visible (since there's no mouse to reveal the name while hovering).
  2. If you want to also show the second product image while hovering, then check Show second product image on hover.
  3. From the Product image aspect list, choose whether you want to product images to be cropped and always fill the left side, or to have a natural aspect, and be contained in the block.
    Recommended images size 
    We recommend uploading images as large as possible (up to maximum 1920px width). Our theme does all the resizing in order to display the proper image for the proper resolution / bandwidth, so do not worry about size. 

    Square, or almost square images fit the best.
  4. Click Save.

UPDATE - theme version 2.0: 

  • Collection footer section allows you to add extra content for the product page, just before the page regular footer. 

    From version 3.x this section doesn't exist, because you can now add any section you want in the collection page
  • Promotional banner is a new option (also available for other pages) that allows you to add a popup banner with your own text similar to the product page promotional banner. 
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