Product pages

For your product pages, Split lets you change the gallery style, tweak the image aspect ratio, enable various features such as zoom, related products and product sharing, or change the variant style.

To tweak the layout of your product pages:

  1. Navigate to a product page in the theme editor.
  2. Click the Sections tab.
  3. Click Product page.
  4. From the Gallery style list, choose whether you want your product's images to be displayed one below the other in a scrolling list, or show up as a slider.
    The images will display within a slider for mobile devices anyway (under 1024px viewport width).
  5. From the Gallery image aspect list, choose whether you want to product images to be cropped and always fill the left side, or to have a natural aspect, and be contained in the block.
  6. If you want to enable image zoom, then check Enable image zoom.
  7. If you want to display the brand or vendor name, then check Show vendor.
  8. From the Variants style list, choose whether you want the product's variants to show up in a regular list, or as minimal boxes (great for color variants).
    You need to use valid HTML color names for your variants, so please check this list.
  9. If you want to display the quantity selector, then check Show quantity selector.
  10. If you want to display related products, then check Show related products.
    (Two products will be the adjacent products, and two will be taken from the same category)
  11. If you want to enable product sharing via social networks, then check Enable product sharing.
  12. Click Save.
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