Add a size chart in the product page

If you are using our Split theme and need a size chart for your site product pages, please follow the instructions from  this Shopify article 

Just a few notes about the theme particular files that need custom code here:

  • sections/product-template.liquid indicated in the Shopify article, in our theme is sections/product.liquid file;
  • assets/theme.js is in our theme is assets/js_main.js  (or assets/js_main.min.js  in the older theme versions);
  • assets/theme.scss.liquid is assets/css_main.scss.liquid .

For our Kingdom theme, please follow the same Shopify article instructions but:

  • at step #5 also add this line of code before the indicated code from the article:
{{ 'js_magnific.popup.min.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

Then this code:

    midClick: true
  • skip step #7.