Customize slideshow button text

The homepage slideshow buttons in our theme are designed to link a collection page as presented in our online  demo site. 

If you need to add links to different pages here, to customize the "shop now" slideshow default buttons text and use different texts for different slides, please open the  snippets/slideshow_content.liquid file and replace this code from lines 17-19:

{% unless == blank %}
        <a class="button with-icon {{ block.settings.bg_style }}" href="{{ }}">{{ 'general.shop_now' | t }} <span class="icon">{% include 'asset_svg' with 'arrow_icon_smallest' %}</span></a>
      {% endunless %}

with this new one where you can edit the button texts with your own:

{% unless == blank %}

        {% case forloop.index %}
          {% when 1 %}
            {% assign custom_text = 'Text one' %}
          {% when 2 %}
            {% assign custom_text = 'Text two' %}
          {% when 3 %}
            {% assign custom_text = 'Text three' %}
        {% endcase %}

        <a class="button with-icon {{ block.settings.bg_style }}" href="{{ }}"> {{ custom_text}} <span class="icon">{% include 'asset_svg' with 'arrow_icon_smallest' %}</span></a>
      {% endunless %}

In case you want to simply replace the "shop now" text with your own button text everywhere, the solution is to use the translation strings (this won't require any code edit).

From  Online Store - Themes > Actions > Edit Languages and search for the text you need to change ("shop now") and insert your own text to overwrite the initial one - screenshot.

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