Version 1.1.7

This update was released on the 2nd of July.


  1. Added support for new set of payment icons (supported by Shopify)
  2. Fixed some bugs

How to add the new set of payment icons

Adding these, replaces the monochrome icons that were previously in the theme package. These new icons will be supported by Shopify and have the original design of each payment provider.
  1. Go to the theme editor (read this article for more info)
  2. Choose  /assets/css_main.scss.liquid and at the end of the file, paste the following piece of code:

    .site-payment {
      flex-direction: row;
      display: flex;
      flex-wrap: wrap;
      justify-content: flex-start;
      align-items: center;
    .site-payment svg.payment-icon {
      width: 45px;
      height: 30px;
      margin: 1px 2px;

    Then, search for the following piece of code (around lines 4320):

    .site-payment {
      .site-footer & {
        svg * {
          fill: $bodyBg;

    Remove this block entirely!

  3. Choose /snippets/header_footer-payment.liquid and look after this line of code (at line 4):

    {% include 'asset_svg' with type %}

    Replace it with the following:

    {{ type | payment_type_svg_tag: class:'payment-icon' }}
  4. Save all files!

Bug fixes

  1. Go to the theme editor
  2. Choose  /assets/css_main.scss.liquid and at the end of the file, add the following piece of code:

    #product-zoomed-image {
      background: $bodyBg;
    @include at-query($max, $lap) {
     .mount-images .box__image-text:nth-child(3):last-child {
       width: 100%;
     .mount-social .site-box-container[data-posts="4"] .site-box:last-child {
       display: none;
    @media screen and (max-width: $lap) and (orientation: landscape) {
      .mount-social .box__heading {
        height: 50vh !important;
  3. Go to /sections/collection.liquid and at the very end of the file, add the following snippet:

    <script type="text/javascript">
      {% if section.settings.collection_filtering_type contains 'groups' %}
      {% endif %}
  4. Save all files!

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