Homepage sections FAQ

Here are a few of the most frequent asked questions about the Split theme homepage sections:

How can I change the different background colors for sections?

In version 3.x most of the sections have custom color control

The homepage sections background color is set by default to alternate for a contrast purpose (please see our demo site example  here). So just changing the featured collection section position in the list (swapping with the next section) with also change the background color. 

You can also remove this background color for all the sections by adding this CSS code at the end of the  assets/theme.css file:

.template-index .shopify-section:nth-child(2n+1) .site-box:not(.box__product-gallery) {
    background: #fff!important;

Can I use homepage sections in other site pages?

In version 3.x you can use all the available sections in any page.

The homepage sections are created exclusively for the site homepage. This is a general Shopify functionality as the concept is to have the homepage as a "shop window" where everything from the web-shop is displaying. From there, you go to separate pages, collections to explore the store and find the products you like.

Unfortunately it is not possible to have different pages with the same features as the homepage. 

The uploaded video in the video section is not working 

If you are using an YouTube videos please make sure that you are using the URL in this format example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpksCW-7SJ8 .

Please do not use the share link format ( https://youtu.be/xcJtL7QggTI) or any extensions of this type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcJtL7QggTI&t=6s&feature=youtu.be.

Instagram feed section - why cannot use it anymore?

As of March 2, 2020, Instagram will be making a change to how it connects to Shopify. Unfortunately this will affect the way themes can display the Instagram feed and Shopify deprecated the Instagram homepage section for all Shopify themes (starting with February 14). 

To continue using the Instagram feed a third-party dedicated app is now required. Shopify compiled a collection of recommended apps that perform this function here: Find an Instagram feed app.

Thank you for your understanding!

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