Related Products FAQ

Update:  Starting with theme version 2.0 we've added support for the Shopify new "recommended products" section that you can enable from the Product page settings in theme customizer - screen record

My site "related products" section is not displaying

First, please make sure that the option is enabled from the product page settings in theme customizer - screenshot

If the issue persists, please note that the Shopify default  frontpage collection is a custom collection designed as a "fail safe" and the products from this collection are not included in the "related products" section. 

Please create a new collection from scratch for your products in order for the "related products" section to populate with items from the collection you create. 

For more info about the Shopify collections please see this article from Shopify documentation: .

Can I manually assign the products that are displaying in the "related products" section?

The  "related products" feature is designed to automatically display 4 products from the same collection with the product that is viewed: two products will be the adjacent products (previous and next product), and two will be taken from the same collection (Product pages).

You can manipulate at least the 2 adjacent products. In the collection page, please select to manually set the products order and here you can select each product you need to be after and before a certain product.

Unfortunately you cannot manually select all 4 products that will display in this section.

Thank you for your understanding!

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