Product Page FAQ

Why my featured product image is not displaying in the product gallery?  (Not all the product images are included in the product page gallery.)

In order to have more flexibility in building the collection page grid, we've added the option to include/exclude the product featured image from the product page gallery.

To also display the product featured image in the product gallery, please go to the product page settings ( Customize > Product page) and enable this option from the Gallery settings - screenshot.

I've selected the "auto-rotate" option for the product gallery but the slider is not auto-playing.

The default Shopify functionality for the the product gallery is that if a product has different images assigned to different product variants, the slider autoplay feature is automatically disabled.

The autoplay feature for product's gallery is only available if there is no interaction in the gallery (interaction as selecting specific variants).

The reason is that you don't want your customers to select a red t-shirt for example and then after a few seconds, before they clicked the "add to cart" button, the image to change to a different image than the initial variant they've selected. They will end up in the cart with a different product color/variant then they selected and this will be very confusing.

Please also see this functionality in our online demo site:  example with variant product - no autoplay; example with no variant product - autoplay gallery. 

Why the product images are cropped?

For the product page gallery images please select the "Normal" image size option - screenshot - to avoid the image cropping and display the images as uploaded (screen record).

The theme also includes the "Scale to Fill" image size option (screenshot) to scale the product images and fill the gallery box.

The "Scale to Fill" option will display the images fullwidth but in order for this to be possible on every screen size, a level of cropping is required.

What is the recommended product image size?

For products gallery images, we recommend square images that are as large as possible. The theme has smart resizing algorithms, so each user will see the appropriate image for his device, unless you enable image zoom, case in which images will always be shown at their full resolution. 

Our recommendation goes out for 1920x1920px for product gallery images. 

Issues with the "related products" section. 

Please see this article from our Split theme where this product page section has the same functionality: