General theme FAQ

How to change the theme default text with my own text?

Please go to  Online Store - Themes > Actions > Edit Languages, search for the text you need to change and insert your own text to overwrite the initial one - screenshot example .

Because this is a default Shopify functionality you can also find detailed instructions and more info in  this article from Shopify documentation.

How to add a custom CSS code in the theme?  

To add any custom CSS code please open  Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code and here select the theme.css file from the Assets folder. 

At the very bottom of the file, after the last code, add the custom CSS - screen record.

We strongly recommend to avoid direct changes in the theme default stylesheet code and only add custom CSS codes at the end of the file. 

How to update the theme?  

Because this is a Shopify default functionality, for the updating process on Shopify platform please see this link from the official Shopify documentation:

How to change the colors of SALE badges?

To change the sale badge colors please use this CSS code at the end of the assets/theme.css file with your own color values: {
    background: red !important;
    color: #fff !important;

For the SOLD OUT or PRE ORDER, just change the CSS class in the code: .product-badge.preorder   or. .product-badge.sold . 

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