Theme Frequently Asked Questions

How to add an Instagram feed?

The Instagram feed in our Kingdom theme homepage can be integrated with a dedicated app (site example). Please see this link from Shopify app store with available apps build for this purpose.

How to change the theme default text with my own text?

Please go to  Online Store - Themes > Actions > Edit Languages, search for the text you need to change and insert your own text to overwrite the initial one - screenshot example .

Because this is a default Shopify functionality you can also find detailed instructions and more info in  this article from Shopify documentation.

How to update the theme?  

Shopify updating process requires a bit of work because all the theme settings, homepage sections, custom codes or third party apps need to be reinserted in the new theme version. 

The product pages, collections, pages and posts are not affected by the update and these will be the same in any theme you are using. 

Please see this article from Shopify documentation about  how to update. 

When possible we release manual update instructions to avoid the new theme version installation work. Please see here the changelog articles list but note that for major update the entire theme needs to be updated. 

Why the newsletter pop up does not display on mobile devices?

Disabling the mobile popup functionality is a Shopify requirement for all themes for SEO purpose. 

If you would use the newsletter popup, Google engine will consider that the window makes the site content less accessible to a user and for this reason the mobile search results may not rank your site as highly.

This is why the option is not included anymore.

You could try to use a dedicated app that includes the option to display the popup on mobile but we won't recommend this.