Collection Page FAQ

How to increase the number of products per page above the maximum 23 items from the customizer settings?

Including more products per page would be possible with a small code change but please make sure that you are using optimized images for the product featured images. 

To customize this, please open  sections/collection-page.liquid file and go to around line 60 (depending on theme version) and change the default "per" value with your own value (50 for example). 

The original code is:

{% paginate collection.products by per %}
the edited code will be:

{% paginate collection.products by 50 %}

Please also see this screenshot if it might help.

Collection description text is cut on mobile screens

The collection header was designed to include a short description about the collection. To also make large text fit the mobile screens, please add this CSS code at the end of the  assets/css_main.scss.liquid file:

.collection-data-new {
    height: auto !important;
.collection-data-new > div {
    position: relative !important;
    padding: 80px 50px 100px !important;