Configure the langify plugin

If you want to have a multilingual store, this can be achieved using an incredible easy to use and awesome plugin, called  Langify. Our theme has support for this plugin, so you just have to create an account with them, configure your translations and then publish your website.

We only have a single note to add. When you publish the translations, the plugin will ask you to paste the following piece of code somewhere in the theme:

{% include 'ly-languages-switcher' %}

Instead of the snippet above, please paste the following:

<div id="ly-ls">{% include 'ly-languages-switcher' %}</div>

If you want the language switcher to appear in the sidebar area (recommended), you should open /sections/sidebar.liquid and insert the snippet somewhere after the logo, meta icons or menu. Lines 36, 67 or 84 are recommended. 

That's all! If you want to tweak the switcher's position, use the following CSS rules at the end of the /assets/css_main.scss.liquid file to do so:

#ly-ls {
   margin-top: 0px;
   margin-bottom: 0px;

Change the margin values after your own needs (negative values are obviously accepted).

If you want to use flag icons (only supported in the list or links view), you can get awesome resources at this link: