Feature subsets of collections on different pages / How to duplicate the landing page template

If you're after creating a subset of collections on a page you can either use the default Shopify Collection list page (example) or the theme new Landing Page template (more info here).

But these pages are unique as Shopify doesn't have any method for having multiple pages with sections at the moment and if you need to have multiple pages with collections subsets, please follow these instructions:

1. Duplicate  /templates/page.landing.liquid to a different page called, let's say: /templates/page.landing-1.liquid
2. Inside it, change the code to link to different new sections:

{% section 'landing_banner_1' %}
{% section 'landing_content_1' %}
{% section 'banner-landing' %}

3. The next step is to duplicate the sections that you've changed here. Go to  /sections and duplicate the landing_banner.liquid and landing_content.liquid files into the corresponding files that you've linked earlier: landing_banner_1.liquid and landing_content_1.liquid.

4.  At the end of the assets/theme.css.liquid file (in older theme versions assets/css_main.scss.liquid) please insert this CSS code:

.landing-page-content { @extend .clearfix; }

5. Save the changes and repeat this for every new landing page template that you need.

The same principle can be applied to any of the theme unique templates (Page Story, FAQ, etc). Please note that the page story CSS for alternative content display will not unfortunately apply to new custom pages.
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