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In the past this list was only for your site  homepage but starting with the new Shopify OS 2.0 you can now use these sections in any page.  

You can add as many sections as you wish under the Sections tab in theme customizer. Each section can be added multiple times with different options and everything can be rearranged (with a simple drag and drop), giving you large freedom over the final look of your website.

To add a section, just click the Add section button, select the desired section, then click the Add.  Here's a list of the available sections and a short description for each:

Blog posts

A list of recent articles from a selected blog, which can display from 1 - 16 articles in a grid layout or a slider.

Collection list

A list of selected collections, with a few design options.

Featured collection

A list of products from a selected collection, displayed in a grid layout or a slider.


A simple grid image gallery, which can turn into a slider on mobile devices.

Slideshow: horizontal

A horizontal slider, with various height options and individual settings for each slide.

Slideshow: vertical

A vertical scrolling slider, which can turn into a horizontal slider on mobile devices.


A section for images that will display the uploaded images with no resize.

Image with text

A versatile section, that features an image with some text on top of it.

Featured product

Displays a selected product in a similar layout as the product page.

Shop the look

Displays a list of selected products inside a slider, along a featured image.


A simple newsletter form, which allows customers to sign up into your Shopify customers list. For MailChimp integration, view this article:


A simple text section which can be used for separating various sections or display a call to action.

Rich text

A module for text, but also an image which can appear alongside, to give better emphasis.


A slider for displaying customer testimonials

Text columns with images

Display up to 3 columns of text with a small image at the top.

Video: background (MP4)

An autoplaying video background with some text on it.  Please also make sure to upload an "fallback image" for mobile devices where the autoplay is disable (depending on the internet connection, phone settings/battery level, mobile browser the video autoplay could be disabled). 

The video file needs to be uploaded in the Shopify Settings > Files section - screenshot - and use the generated link in the theme customizer video section. 

Video: popup

A simple section with an image and a big play button, that opens a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

For the uploaded videos please make sure that you are using the video complete URL in this format example: .

Please do not use the share link format ( or any extensions of this type: - the video will not load. 

Custom HTML

A blank section for displaying absolutely any kind of HTML content into the homepage.

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