Version 3.0.0

This was a major update both in design and functionality, launched in November 2019.

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  • We’ve done some changes to make the theme more clean and minimal, with a better structure upon which we can build in the future
  • We’ve designed a traditional footer (below the page content) with a few customizable blocks
  • We've designed a section for text columns with icons, to act as a secondary footer
  • We’ve added an ajax cart in the sidebar, that allows merchants to view and edit their cart while browsing through products
  • We’ve improved the sort & filtering area, by placing all of these in a dedicated sidebar
  • We’ve added more styles and options to some old sections which needed improvement
  • After studying lots of real life stores based on our theme, we’ve simplified the product grid, making it more clean, by removing the masonry option and the ability to remove the gaps between the items

New homepage sections

  • Vertical slider
  • Horizontal slider
  • Shop the look
  • Testimonial
  • Text columns with images
  • Video popup
  • Video with text overlay

Product page

  • We’ve added a new type of vertical scrolling gallery alongside the old horizontal slider
  • We’ve added support for tabs in the product description
  • We’ve created a dedicated area for “product stories”, in which merchants can use various blocks to enhance their product pages


  • We’ve curated 180 high quality icons to be used in the “product footer” and “text columns with icons” sections
  • We’ve improved the speed and loading times
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