Version 2.8.0

This update was released on the 8th of April, 2021.

This update is the first in a series where we want to improve accessibility in our theme. Changes related to a11y added in this version:

  • We've improved tab navigation, made sure focus states are properly shown and you can navigate properly within both menu types
  • We've also rewritten the product variant selectors:
    • We came back to the regular styled selectors in the classic dropdown (browser styled)
    • We've completely rewritten the minimal variant selectors (backend - no noticeable differences in the front end)
    • We've changed the "unavailable variants" logic, so that now this feature is enabled by default and not conflicting with other apps
    • We've also increased the contrast ratio for secondary text (a bit)

We've also fixed some other small issues, added a new translation (Italian) and a homepage section for full width natural images (with no cropping). Oh, and as a bonus, TikTok social icon :)

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