General settings

Before going further with the sections, we should tackle the general settings. These are a small group of settings that affect your entire website. Some can be seen from within other sections, others not. 

  1. Log into your Shopify dashboard.
  2. Click the Online Store link.
  3. From the theme view, hit the Customize theme button (top right corner).
  4. Enter the General settings tab.

Customizing the colors

  1. Enter the Colors tab.
  2. Choose a color for Accent. This will apply for various roll over effects, buttons, icons, etc.
  3. Choose a color for Text. This will apply to most of your store's text. 
  4. Choose a color for Background. This will apply to your store's background.

Customizing the fonts

  1. Enter the Typography tab.
  2. From the Headings list, choose a font for all of your store's titles and call to actions.
  3. From the Body list, choose a font for the general typography of your store.
  4. From the Testimonials list, choose a font for the testimonials sections (this will load only if you are using the section on your homepage).
  5. You can also play with the Base size of both the headings and the body font, in order to make sure that the chosen font is properly displayed.

Customizing the product grid

You can read more about the subject in this article.

Adding a favicon

The favicon needs to be an icon associated with your store, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user's list of bookmarks.

Customizing the cart 

Here you can choose the Cart type between a modal drawer one and a page.. There aren't too many reasons to use the Page one, unless you are using some apps that are breaking the functionality. Case in which you'll have to go with the basic one.

Another cool feature here is the fact that you can Show quantity selector site-wide.. So if you have a store with unique products for example, you can hide the product quantity, so that users can't add more than one item in their cart.

Setting up your social icons

Social icons appear in the sidebar menu of your store or in the footer, if you choose to insert them there. Here, in the General settings, you can configure your links for a handful of the most popular networks.

Setting up the search

In Highlight we have predictive search, so if your store supports it, you should definitely use it. Make sure that you also tick the Show vendor & Show price if you want to show these in your search results. 

Please note that there are some languages in which predictive search is not supported by Shopify, case in which it'll turn into a basic search (the search menu icon will take the user to the search page instead of opening the search drawer).

Customizing the checkout experience

Shopify's checkout page is not included in the theme, and you do not have too much control over it's design. You can, however, customize it a bit in order to suit your store's design better. You have the possibility to add background images, upload your own logo, play with typography and colors. These features don't depend on the theme as they are pure Shopify features.

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