Using homepage sections in other pages

This article is for vintage Highlight theme (versions up to 1.2.0), and becomes obsolete for Online Store 2.0 (versions higher than 2.0.0)

With Online Store 2.0, you can now have any section in any page as many times as you want.

At this point in time, Shopify doesn't allow for sections to be used everywhere, so that's why we need to resort to page templates we want to have custom sections in other pages as well.

Here's a quick guide on how to achieve this:

  1. Open the Theme Editor and edit the theme's code.
  2. Go to the Templates folder and create a new file called page.custom-template.liquid

  3. Remove the contents which is automatically added in the new file and replace with the sections you wish to use. Available options are:
    • blog-posts
    • code
    • collection-list
    • featured-collection
    • featured-product
    • gallery
    • image
    • image-gallery
    • image-with-text
    • images-with-text-overlay
    • images-with-text-slider
    • products-slider
    • rich-text
    • slider-vertical
    • testimonials
    • video-popup
  4. For example, let's say that in this page you'll want to have a vertical slider at the top, followed by a rich text area, then a gallery and finally a testimonials area, you'll write this:

    {% section 'slider-vertical' %}<br>{% section 'rich-text' %}<br>{% section 'gallery' %}<br>{% section 'testimonials' %}<br>
  5. Save the page template then go to the Online Store > Pages section and create a new page with the newly created page template selected.

  6. Now, when you open the Theme Customizer you should be able to navigate to the page you've just created and edit the included sections after your own desire.

  7. With this method you can create a custom page template for each page that you want to customize in this way.
Unfortunately you can only use each section only ONCE!!
This is a limitation which cannot be bypassed, unless you start creating custom sections, but this is out of the scope of this article and our support services.
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