Version 1.1

This is the first major update for Highlight, in which we've added quite a few awesome features.

It was released on the 25th of May 2021.

Included updates

  • Added support for the free Shopify Reviews App 

    Modified files:
    - /assets/theme.js
    - /assets/theme.css
    - /sections/product-reviews.liquid
    - /snippets/product-item.liquid
    - /snippets/theme-symbols.liquid
  • Improved the Image section 
    • Added an optional mobile image
    • Added link option
    Modified files:
    - /sections/image.liquid
  • Added a new block for images in the Footer

    Modified files:
    - /sections/footer.liquid
  • Added the possibility to display product extra images & toggles, on a per product basis

    Modified files:
    - /sections/product-extra-images.liquid
    - /sections/product-extra-toggles.liquid
  • Added breadcrumb navigation

    Modified files:
    - /assets/theme.css
    - /layout/theme.liquid
    - /snippets/breadcrumb.liquid
  • Added the possibility to change image reveal effect (as already described here)
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