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This article is for vintage Highlight theme (versions up to 1.2.0), and doesn't fully apply to Online Store 2.0 (versions higher than 2.0.0)

With Online Store 2.0, you can now use any section in any page you wish, so you can actually create your own, unique page templates. We do have 4 templates added as a starting point though.

Watch this video for some short tips on page templates

In our Highlight theme design you can choose between 5 page templates when you create/edit a Shopify page:

  • contact page - example
  • faq page - example (added in 1.2.0)
  • fullwidth page 
  • gallery page - example
  • story page - example (added in 1.2.0)

The contact & fullwidth pages don't have any special content, but the others have custom sections based on their purpose, which you can edit using the Theme Customizer. 

To do so, go to the Theme Customizer and select page you've created and assigned the proper template:

The templates which are using sections can only be used for a single page on your store. But they can be duplicated with some custom work, if you are comfortable with code editing or have a developer by your side.

Please note that this is not a custom tweak the we support.

For general Shopify info about the "Pages", please see this article

Note: Shopify will only load the published theme templates. If you have a different theme active, our theme  templates will load only after you publish our theme from Actions > Publish (this also means that the templates cannot be unfortunately tested before theme purchase).

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