How to remove "powered by shopify"

If you want to remove the Shopify credits added in the footer section theme, just add the following custom CSS code at the end of the theme's main stylesheet:  assets/theme.css:

.powered-by-shopify { display: none; }

Why there are so little color options in your theme?

Our team stands behind a "less is more" philosophy in providing options for our themes. In our vast experience we've learned that if we want our customers to have good looking and successful sites, we need to provide them with the right amount of options in order to not overwhelm them and make sure that a store will always look beautifully designed. Highlight is a unique theme with a lot of asymmetrical elements, which needs a very clean layout for these to properly stand out and still look good. That's why you can't change individual section's backgrounds or the color of your header / sidebar .. 

The theme is thought to be in a single color, with emphasis on the content and the way it is laid out, and it's internal structure doesn't permit easy css editing of various section colors. But believe us and our long experience - it is better this way :)

My hero text cuts off

The vertical hero slider has this very cool feature in which text is shown with some blending modes over the image. Now, for this to work, we have to develop the slider in a certain way. And the cutting of text happens because there are boundaries in which the text needs to appear. If there is too much text, this won't fit in these limits and the text is cut off.

These instructions are for vintage Highlight theme (versions up to 1.2.0),

With Online Store 2.0 (version 2.0.0 and up), you can now edit the text size and disable the blending modes directly from the section settings.

There are two possible solutions:

1. Reduce the text on your homepage slider - we strongly recommend to keep only a brief text here, only one or two lines in order to catch the user's attention. If you have lots of text and images, it will look really cramped and visitors won't read. But this is just a personal observation.

2. If you don't want to reduce the text, you can remove the blending mode with some custom CSS, which will make the text appear regularly over the images. For this, just add the following custom CSS code at the end of the theme's main stylesheet:  assets/theme.css:

.vertical-slider.has-black-text .slide {
   background: none !important;
.vertical-slider .slide:after {
    display: none;
.vertical-slider-headings .slide-heading,
.vertical-slider-headings .slide-heading .slide-caption,
.vertical-slider-headings .slide-heading .slide-button
    color: var(--color-text) !important;
    mix-blend-mode: normal;
.vertical-slider-headings .slide-heading .slide-button {
    border-color: var(--color-text) !important;
.vertical-slider-headings .slide-heading .slide-button svg path, 
.vertical-slider-headings .slide-heading .slide-button svg rect {
    fill: var(--color-text) !important;
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