How to share a theme preview

Before you decide to publish a new theme you might want to seek feedback from others or assistance from the theme developers. By creating a preview link, you can share the access to an unpublished Shopify theme and get some feedback in the right direction. 

How to share a Shopify Theme Preview with others

  1. Select Themes from Shopify Admin
  2. Scroll down to the More Themes area, and from the list of themes, choose the one you wish to share and hit Actions, then choose Preview.
  3. At the bottom of the preview page, there is a preview bar. There are three buttons in the bar, one being called Share preview
  4. When you click that button a window which contains the share link of this theme will appear. 
  5. Hit the Copy link button and share that with however you wish

Note that this link remains active only for 14 days.
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