Adding jQuery to the theme

At the beginning of 2021 we've released a major update for our theme, in which we've completely removed jQuery out of it, making it lighter and faster.

However, since some of you may be using apps that rely on jQuery (badly coded apps if we can say this, that assume jQuery is already loaded by the theme without checking this), you may want to add it back. Of course it's counterintuitive to do so, as you now have a light theme and you don't want to make it heavy again :) 

But there might be essential apps for your store, apps that you need to use even if they affect your site's performance. 

So in this case, if your site is broken because of third party apps that rely on a library which is not present in our theme, you can add it by following three simple steps:

  1. Go to the theme editor (read this article for more info)
  2. Open /layout/theme.liquid and identify the {{ content_for_header }} liquid property

  3. Right in that place, paste the following piece of code:

  4. Save the file!

Now you're done! You have just reverted two weeks of hard work :) 

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