Replace add to cart with a contact page link

If you are using your site for presentation and don't sell your products directly from the online store you might need to replace the default Shopify "add to cart" button to a contact page link. 

For this customisation, please add this CSS code at the end of the assets/theme.css file to hide the add to cart button and also the cart icon:

.product__cart-actions-holder, .header .menu-meta li:last-child {
    display: none !important;
.header .menu-meta li:not(:last-child) {
    margin-right: 0 !important;

Then in the sections/main-product.liquid file add this line of code just after the "product-form" - screenshot:

<a href="/pages/contact"><button class="button button--border"><span>contact us</span></button></a> 

After you save the files, the new button will display on your product page. 

If you need to change the button link or text you can easily do this in the second code (replace the href value and also the "contact us" text). 

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