Our theme has customizable popups that you can use in order to promote yourself, announce news and sales, grab emails, inform about cookies or restrict your site with age verification.

Age verification

This is a separate section, which if enabled will display a popup blocking your store from visitors until they click a button. You can change the text and colors of this popup to what you need. 

Other popups

Created as blocks, in the Popups section, you can add more popups to your store, which will appear stacked on top of each other (if you add more than one). All the popups have customization options for colors.


A pretty straightforward, it simply displays a cookies notice for the user to interact with (accept). The text is editable in the translation area of your theme.


Just a regular image block, if you want to use it for displaying promotions, it is useful to show up banners that either inform on take the user to a specific page or area of your store.


This popup contains a form which signs users to your Customer Accounts area, so you can grab their email addresses for whatever purposes you may wish.


A basic popup with editable title, text and button.

Except the cookies popup, all have options for frequency. After a popup is dismissed, it will not show up again for that user, for a given period of time. You can change this period to a day, a week or a month. The cookie popup is different, as that one will never come back after a user has accepted it.

If you're using multiple popups, make sure that you set a long time difference between them (in seconds), so that they don't appear all at once and overwhelm the user.
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