Custom work

Here at Krown Themes, we try to assist our customers in all kinds of needs - making sure that they can use our themes as they were intended, explain functionality, fix bugs or even offer small tips for easy customization.

However, please keep in mind that when you purchase a Shopify theme, you purchase it as it is and any feature which isn't advertised by us is considered to be a custom request. If you are looking to edit various parts of your store, add custom functionality, change the design of our themes, we might advise you to seek external assistance from our Shopify partners.

Vevol Media

This is an Europe based agency, which offers great, quality work. They have great coding ethics and are a trusted partner. We recommended them for bigger projects or if you are in need for an ongoing partner to assist you both in the customization of your store, but also in maintaining it.

Hey Carson 

HeyCarson is a leading Shopify expert team and hub for growing Shopify brands to handle short-term projects, recurring needs, and full-time Shopify work.

Store Tasker

Storetasker is a network of Shopify experts where you can find and hire extraordinary freelancers.

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