How to update your Shopify theme

In order to provide a product that is constantly improved and adapted to our users needs all our themes are updated frequently. We put a lot of effort on keeping the code bug free, add new features and adapt the theme to Shopify platform changes. 

A very frequent question that we receive on support is "how to update my theme without loosing any content that I currently have" and we would love to answer "this is very easy" but unfortunately many times it is not so. Only if you don't have any custom codes in the original theme Shopify automatic updates are available. 

The theme updating process is dependent on the Shopify platform and how this works. It is not something that we can control from our theme and this is general to any Shopify theme. 

Please see this article from Shopify documentation were they explain in details the theme updating proces on the platform:

In order to help with the theme sections and settings transfer from an old theme to a new one when you have custom codes in the theme we've recorded this video tutorial:

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