SEO settings in the theme

Microdata schema

Our themes have microdata schema integrated in them. Google and major search engines benefit greatly from direct access to this structured data because it allows them to understand the information on your web pages and provide more relevant results to users.

Our themes have enough information in the schema to get you started. We've added information about:

  • Store (organization)
  • Breadcrumb (navigation)
  • Product
    • Name
    • URL
    • Offers (variants)
    • Images

If you require more information, more control or just want to use a separate solution for these snippets, our themes give you the option to disable the theme's micriodata schema to make place for any custom solution that you might want to use.

Our themes are using breadcrumbs to improve navigation, however, for the breadcrumbs to function properly for products and include collection information, under this structure home/collection-name/product-name, the theme needs to create duplicated product url's. Like this:


While Shopify included a canonical unique URL for each product, in this form:

Some SEO experts argue that it's not good to have multiple url's for the same product. So you'll need to weigh up what is more important for you and your site. In most cases, if a site uses breadcrumbs we'll just leave this option on, because it's a useful feature for the user experience.

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