Version 2.0.0

This update was launched on the March 1, 2023.

New sections added

  • Image comparison (before & after)

Design improvements

  • Added support for the new section groups, allowing you to build richer headers & footers
  • Added link options to mega menu promotion images
  • Added link options to the vertical slider images, along with some animation improvements

Conversion improvements

  • Added a customizable product promotion popup
  • Added the ability to select page visibility for all popups
  • Added a new "quick buy" product promotion block in product pages
  • Added gift wrapping option in the cart
  • Improved predictive search with support for new settings, via Shopify's Search & Discovery App
  • Improved the product bundle section to allow unlimited products

Other improvements

  • Better support for video autoplay
  • General SEO & performance upgrades
  • Added missing backend translations
  • Fixed various bugs
This is a major version that will require to start editing your store from scratch. Unfortunately it is not possible to keep your current store settings or customizations, because there are major changes from version 3.x and everything needs to be redone.

Please see the last section from this Shopify documentation article about the theme download for manual update:
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