Version 5.0.0

This update was launched on the March 24, 2023.

New sections added

  • Scrolling text
  • Text columns with icons
  • Simple text columns

Design improvements

  • Added support for the new section groups, allowing you to build richer footers
  • Added a sizing chart block in product page
  • Added options to control the spacing between sections
  • Added a sizing chart block in product page
  • Added dedicated mobile image options for some sections

Conversion improvements

  • Added product "quick buy" functionality
  • Added a "recommended products" section on the cart page
  • Improved predictive search with support for new settings, via Shopify's Search & Discovery App

Other improvements

  • Added a "back to top" button
  • Better support for video autoplay
  • General SEO & performance upgrades


  • Added full RTL compatibility
  • Added Danish, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic & Urdu(India) translations
Please see this Shopify documentation article about the theme updating process:
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