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Borders is a responsive theme, meaning that it always tries to serve the best image for the best screen, so you don't have to worry about proper image sizing and performance.

However, what you need to consider is that the theme works with aspect ratios, meaning that images will crop based on the aspect ratio you set up in each section (most sections have options to set certain aspect ratios for the images in order to ensure that you have a few layout options that will give you the most of your images).

If you are looking for a guide on how to size your images, you can take this as an example:

Aspect ratio Image resolution (minimal) Image resolution (optimal) Image resolution (maximum)
Ultra-wide (21:9) 1280 x 548px 2100 x 900px 3820 x 1637px
Wide (2:1) 1280 x 640px 2100 x 1050px 3820 x 1910px
Landscape (16:9) 1280 x 719px 2100 x 1180px 3820 x 2146px
Standard (3:4) 1280 x 853px 2100 x 1400px 3820 x 2546px
Short (4:3) 1280 x 960px 2100 x 1575px 3820 x 2865px
Square (1:1) 1280 x 1280px 2100 x 2100px 3820 x 3820px
Tall (5:6) 1280 x 1536px 2100 x 2520px 3820 x 4584px
Taller (2:3) 1280 x 1920px 2100 x 3150px 3820 x 5730px

If you have large images you can upload them without fear, the theme will choose proper resolutions for each screen. Please remember that Shopify has an internal image compression engine that will compress your images to a certain degree, which can be bypassed if you are using PNG files. At the same time, compression will result in a really performant store, so it's best to just upload the best (JPG) images that you have and let Shopify & the theme do the rest.

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