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Our theme has a total of 20 sections that you can use in any page, in any combination, create unique, unlimited custom templates for your entire store.

Most sections have three things in common

Heading area

Consists in a heading and a subheading both of which are of course optional and can be used to introduce the section

Section design

Already written about this in previous articles, most of the sections allow you to change the default design with custom colors.


Last common setting is the SEO (Heading tag) option, which gives you the ability to change heading tags in a lot of places, creating a proper page structure with headings going from H1 to H4. In some sections you will see an option for the entire section, in other sections you will see an option at block level, while for a few sections you will be able to set multiple heading tags inside the same place.

Use these carefully and make sure that you put all headings in order.

We are no SEO experts, but this could be an example of a proper structure:


H1 - the first title of the first slide (as an introduction for your page)

H2 - use this for the headings of your sections

H3- use this for any heading inside a section or as block titles within sections

H4- without too much content you probably won't reach this level, but you could still use such headings for content inside the footer


H1- in all other pages, the page title is automatically a H1 element, meaning that you should only use H2 - H4 headings

Sections list

With this in mind, let's see all the available sections.

Blog posts

Allow you to display the latest articles from a selected blog. You can play with the layout through settings, while the content of the grid elements is set through blocks.

Collection list

Used to display collections from your store. You can choose between the layout and number of columns (if you have less or more items) in order to achieve the design you want. Each collection's default image can be overwritten by a custom one. 

Contact form

A simple contact form with up to 5 predefined fields and two boxes for additional content information.

Custom liquid

For any HTML / Liquid code that you might want to insert. 

Content toggles

A pretty versatile section because of it's many options. Each toggle has a title, a subtitle, an icon and a call to action button. It can be used for a lot of purposes, such as FAQ's, store details, shipping details, useful information. And if you are using it as a FAQ or support info, you can even toggle a simple contact form to be displayed on the right side.

Email sign up

This is your regular newsletter signup section which follows the card's style. Emails are collected in your Shopify Customers dashboard. If you want to connect the theme's newsletter with MailChimp, see this article: https://shopify-support.krownthemes.com/article/590-mailchimp-integration

Featured collection

We've tackled this in previous articles, the content of the product grid is set up with individual blocks, while you have a few settings to change the layout from grid to slider, adjust the columns number.

Featured product

It's a stripped version of the main product page, with less options and blocks, where the focus is on product discovery and fast purchase.


Useful section for when you have an image that you want to show fully, not cropped on your store. It could be a hero banner with text on it, a product image, anything that you can think of. And as a plus, you can select a different image for mobile devices, which is very useful especially if this is a banner with text.

Media with text overlay

This is one of the theme's most versatile sections, with support for different layouts, text styles, images or video backgrounds, a lot .. You can choose the number of columns, the card's height, play with the text sizes and inside each individual block you have a place for a background image or a video, and a few lines of text. Each block has it's own color options so it can really adapt to any kind of backgrounds.

Please note that the video backgrounds require MP4 files, which need to be added separately in your Shopify > Settings > Files admin area.

Promotion cards

Another versatile section is this, which is somehow similar to the previous one in terms of content, but it's different because the image comes above the text, in a card-like layout. Also, this doesn't have support for video backgrounds.

Rich text

Truly rich, you could design an entire page only with this section - that's how many options it has. You can the card's minimum height, display cropped or natural images, on the right, on the left or on top.. You can even make the section fullwidth, stretching from one side of the screen to the other. Also, the text content is editable through blocks, so you can arrange the content as you desire.

Scrolling text

Local's old school marquee, made to display flash sales, news, promotions, product updates, or anything that you can think of. The scrolling speed needs to be adjusted based on the amount of content you have. Separate lines are added with blocks. Please note that any paragraph will be shown on a single line, we've left the rich text editor just so you can add links and style the text with bold/italic.

Shop the look

A simple section where you can select an image to appear on the left side and a bunch of products on the right side. The product grid will be set up like all other grids, using blocks.


Your regular horizontal slideshow packed with many options. You can choose it's desktop / mobile height, make it fullwidth or card-like design, change the text's style & alignment, even add separate images for desktop / mobile.

Stores map

This one is similar with the store selector which we've presented here, but it doesn't have any functionality that goes beyond the section. So it's basically just for presentational purposes, showcasing your store(s) on the map, add a few images in a quick gallery, and that's it.


A text slider for user testimonials. You can choose a custom font for testimonials and change the alignment of the content. 

Text columns with icons

A versatile section that can be used for so many purposes - it features a grid or slider design, you can choose the column's number, and change each individual icon's design (color).. We've included a small pack of icons in the theme, but you can also upload your own and of course, download any icon from our free icon's tool: https://resources.krownthemes.com/local/

Text columns with images

Similar to the section above, it has the same settings, the difference being in the fact that this one uses images instead of icons.


A regular video popup for YouTube / Vimeo.

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