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in our Local theme many sections have included height options and other images will display with the uploaded ratio. Here's a few tips on how to make sure that images will show up in their best version.

Product images / promotion cards

In general there isn't an ideal product image size but it helps to have all the images with the same size. Depending on the aspect ratio of your product images you can also choose the corresponding option to crop (1:1, 2:3, 4:3, 5:6). The same thing applies to sections that use specific image aspect ratios, and crop your images at those sizes, such as the "promotion cards".

Wherever you have the option to choose an aspect ratio and upload images at the aspect ratio that is set, this is the resolutions that your images will be cropped at:

Aspect ratio Image resolution (minimal) Image resolution (optimal) Image resolution (maximum)
Short (4:3) 1280 x 960px 2100 x 1575px 3820 x 2865px
Square (1:1) 1280 x 1280px 2100 x 2100px 3820 x 3820px
Tall (5:6) 1280 x 1536px 2100 x 2520px 3820 x 4584px
Taller (2:3) 1280 x 1920px 2100 x 3150px 3820 x 5730px


For the slideshow section we've included 4 different height options that you can test with the image sizes that you have and also an extra option to upload a different image for mobile.

For the "cropped" options we recommend to use these ratios (please double the values for best quality on retina screens):

width - desktop
height - desktop width - mobile height - mobile
small - 432px 750px small - 320px

regular - 540px
regular - 400px

med. - 648px
med. - 480px

large - 864px
large - 1000px
no fullwidth
small - 432px 750px small - 320px

med. - 540px
med. - 400px

regular -648px
regular - 648px

large - 864px
large - 864px

Double these values if you want more sharp images and have the proper media available.

Other sections / areas

For other sections that have height options please test which one works better for your images.

For the logo image we recommend to upload a double image than the size you set in the theme customizer header settings (to make sure that it'll look sharp on retina devices).

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