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Header options

It starts with the logo (both desktop & mobile), an option for sticky header, menu icons, and also a custom menu link which can be a great way to have a unique link to a dedicated page, such as contact or special collection. The cart button is always there, and the account button appears if you have customer accounts enabled in your admin.

You can also choose to setup a transparent header design, which will actually put the header above the first section, so make sure that you use it carefully, and make sure that in all pages where you're using it, the first section is either an image or a slider, so that the content will not overlap in a bad way.

Then, you have the option to show/hide various parts from the mobile drawer navigation.

Header blocks

There are five types of header blocks.


This is a regular menu, and it will include all links that you have in it. It should be used if you have a simple navigation and just want a menu that you configure in the Navigation area of your admin.

Mega menu

This is a more complex menu, which will display differently, as it will put all of the submenu items in a fullwidth display, as list elements. It also features two promotions with images and text that you can use to either showcase various pages, products, or promote your sales. You can also change the columns width in order to accommodate various types of content.

Products & collections

These menus are for putting product items or collections directly in the menus. It displays product content automatically based on your selection and it will also display a grid of items on mobile devices. It's an amazing way to show featured products, selected collections or best selling items.

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