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A big part of our theme, the discounts & bundles sections are created so you can sell more, by offering your customers the ability to purchase more items at once or create their own kits.

We have two different sections created specifically for these purposes, and you can really use them as you imagine. 

Products set

This is a section which requires the customer to select from a predefined set of products and add them all to the cart. If the products don't have any variants, it will only show a big button like "add all to cart", but if the products have variants, the customer will have to first select the variants that he wants in order to be able to add all products in the cart.

Make sure that the products you select have at least a variant in stock, otherwise the customer will not be able to add the kit to his cart.

This section is created for you to offer sets or kits made by individual products or variants to your customers. 

Setting up discounts

Discounts are something that you need to create in your Shopify admin, as these are part of the Shopify functionality. If you want to offer discounts for your kits, you'll have to set them up as this:

  1. Go to your Discounts page in the Shopify admin
  2. Create discount, and choose Product discount
  3. Choose Automatic discount and give it a proper title. 
  4. Choose to apply this discount to specific products, the ones that you feature in your set. 
  5. Then, set the minimum quantity of items that the user needs to purchase to the number of the items you want to have in your set/kit.
  6. At the end, choose the percentage of the discount.
  7. You're done!

Make sure that the product set you've created with the section matches the discount created in the Shopify admin, and your users will be able to purchase multiple items and have automatic discounts applied to their carts.

Let's take an example from our online demo:

You can see how the Shopify discount is created to match the created section. If done right, when you add the entire set to your cart, you will see the discount applied properly to all three products (the set):

You can watch a tutorial about product sets in our Combine video tutorial:

Product bundles

This is a different section, targeted to collections, as it allows the user to create his own bundle, again, for a proposed discount. 

The entire idea is to select an entire collection (or choose individual products), that you want your users to create bundles from. In simple terms, add more than one item in the cart. Here you need to set the minimum items required to be added until the bundle can be added to the cart, edit the colors of the discount panel, and set up the content of the product grid. If products don't have variants, they can be added right away to the bundle, otherwise the customer has to select a variant first.

Setting up discounts

Discounts are created in the same way, through the Shopify admin, as explained above. Automatic discounts, minimum number of items, selected collection, everything needs to match your section:

You can watch a tutorial about product bundles in our Combine video tutorial:
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