Highlight > Colors & layout

Customizing the colors

  1. Enter the Colors tab.
  2. Choose a color for Accent. This will apply for various roll over effects, buttons, icons, etc.
  3. Choose a color for Text. This will apply to most of your store's text. 
  4. Choose a color for Background. This will apply to your store's background.

Why there are so little color options in the theme?

Highlight is a really unique theme created with a "less is more" philosophy. It is a unique theme with a lot of asymmetrical elements, which needs a very clean layout for these to properly stand out and still look good. That's why you can't change individual section's backgrounds or the color of your header / sidebar .. 

The theme is thought to be in a single color, with emphasis on the content and the way it is laid out, and it's internal structure doesn't permit easy css editing of various section colors. But believe us and our long experience - it is better this way :)

Editing layout spacing

The spacing between sections in this theme is dynamic, but you can still edit it if you want sections to be more groupped together.

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