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The most unique section of your theme is the vertical slider. It allows you to showcase products, promotions, or content in a dynamic, vertically oriented format. This feature stands out because it optimises the use of vertical space on your store, which is very effective both for mobile and desktop users, since vertical scrolling is used more often who scroll vertically more often than horizontally.



Desktop aspect ratio - sets the aspect ratio for desktop devices

Mobile aspect ratio - sets the aspect ratio for mobile devices (less than 1023px width)

Because there are many options for the layout, there isn't any recommended image size, but please, make sure that you upload images to an aspect ratio close or identical to the one in your settings.

If you are looking for some recommendations, check out our Recommended image sizes article.

Because mobile layouts tends to be different than desktops, it is very useful to upload separate images for mobile devices, with a different aspect ratio. This will help in improving your store's performance, if you make sure that you don't add images that are too large for small contexts.


You have almost complete control over the text settings in this section


Each block is an individual slide which can be used in a lot of ways!

Regularly, you would use this as a banner with images, showcasing products, lookbooks, even image banners with text if they are correctly sized, so you don't get cropping. It also supports videos that will autoplay (with no sound).

However, you can also hide the images completely and just use it as a text slider:

The inner color scheme setting refers just to the text inside the slide.

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